Wildlife Removal Information

You’re a kind person. You love animals. However, you love animals when they are where animals belong such as the great outdoors. However, some creatures, such as raccoons, squirrels and bats, are as attracted to the warmth of human domiciles as the humans living there are and once the cold moves in, so do they. You don’t want them hurt, you just want them gone, and so it’s time to do some wildlife relocation. Your home really isn’t big enough for the both of you.

First let’s talk about some ways you can tell if you have ‘visitors’. Squirrels, raccoons and other animals will invade your home in the attics and crawl spaces. You can tell if they’ve moved in by the sounds they make when they nest. Therefore, if you hear scratching in the attic or behind the walls, you can safely assume something has moved in. Other signs of wildlife infestations include flicking lights or odd smells. Frequently, your guests will chew on the plastic coating to wires, sometimes chewing all the way through which can lead to shorts in electrical circuits. The odd smells come because wildlife is not housebroken, as much as they might like to live in houses. They will urinate and defecate wherever they’ve set up housekeeping and the smell will alert you to their presence.

Once you know you have critters, it’s time to figure out how to evict them. The best call is to call wildlife removal experts. A simple search on the internet for ‘squirrel removalbat-exclusion Atlanta’, ‘raccoon removal Atlanta’, or ‘Atlanta bat removal ’, depending on which creature you’re seeking to rid your home of, and your area will provide you with companies to call. These wildlife removal experts are trained to remove these and other animals humanely and safely. Safely for them and safely for you. Unfortunately as cute as some of these animals appear, many of them carry communicable diseases such as rabies, and a simple bite or scratch is enough for you to become infected. Better to let the experts with their heavy gloves do the trapping and removal for you.

Once your home is critter-free, the next step is to prevent them returning. Nature abhors a vacuum and that cozy nest you just ejected the squirrel family from will look very appealing to another squirrel family looking for a place to live. Depending on which wildlife removal expert you used, they might help you discover the manner of egress the animals are using to get inside your home. If not, a simple walk around your home will often show you the signs. Walk around the perimeter of your home and look up at the eaves and overhangs. Look for holes or signs of chewing especially around any existing openings such as for telephone or electrical wires. Blocking these will help you keep your home animal free. Just because you love animals doesn’t mean the two of you should be roommates.